Quiz Clash Royale card answers

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Welcome to the stadium! The creators of Clash of Clans released a new multiplayer game in real time with the royals, your favorite characters Clash and many others.

Collect and upgrade dozens of cards with the troops, spells and defensive structures Clash of Clans, which have liked you, as well as novelties Royale: princes, knights, Little Dragon, and many others. Knock out the enemy king and princesses of the towers to defeat the opponents and win the tower, the crown and glory of the arena. Create your own clan to share the cards and build their own martial community.


Keep family Clash Royale to victory!

Quiz Clash Royale card answers

1 Barbarians.

2. Bomber Tower.

3. Goblin Barrel.

4. Goblin Hut.

5. Clone Spell.


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