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Developer Quiz App 4 Fun Apps. The game is dedicated to the well-known series. I note that this is the longest animated series of American origin. It has to date twenty-eight seasons and directors with the producer promised to release at least two more. The first short film was shown far in the past — April 19, 1987. Many people probably do not have a TV at home and watched a series later. Imagine reel of film is popular in more than hundred countries, to this hour.


The Simpsons Family in the animated form first appeared in «The Tracey Ullman Show» (eng. The Tracey Ullman Show) (a weekly show with comedy and musical numbers that show on FOX from April 1987 to May 1990) with the first series «Good night «April 19, 1987). First, the characters are drawn quite rough, because Groening had enough time to paint them well, and animators just copied his sketches.

Your task is to guess the character and make his name the letters. For fans of the cartoon — it is a matter of minutes, we’ll see what comes to me. The puzzle clues are provided: open letter (English alphabet).
Quiz For The Simpsons answers.

1 Homer.

2. Bart.

3. Marge.

4. MR Burns.

5. Lisa.


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